daddy's gonna pay for your crashed car

A group of coworkers and I have formed a book club of sorts. We've been going through 'The Four Loves' by C.S. Lewis, and I use 'going through' rather liberally. More often then not we end up on tangents far removed from the initial subject at hand, but I've come to relish these evenings. The group is an interesting cross-section of our company, stretching over different departments and across management lines. It is a refreshing break to talk to each of them without the confines of bureaucratic restraint that seep into a workplace, no matter how hard you try to avoid it.

What I have really begun to appreciate is the different perspective each person brings to the table, and that by this I am forced to really examine what it is that I truly believe and why it is I believe it. I've found that by surrounding myself with different perspectives, I've actually become closer to God as my faith is solidified; first by testing my own beliefs, and then again by having to put these beliefs into words and explain them to others. And this is where I segue into the next part of this message...

...with a picture illustrating perspective (see what I did there? Oh yeah).

This has to do with work only inasmuch as I was waiting for some coworkers when I took the picture. I was using part of my day off to help them shoot a video in City Park, and this sign kept grabbing my attention while I was waiting for them to arrive.

The sun created a cool backlit effect on the signpost, and cast long shadows from the trees. It was incredibly fortunate the tow truck driver happened to be sitting right there. Few other vehicles would be so easily recognized by their blurred silhouette in the background, and the narrowing of the road into the distance draws the eye from the foreground to the back, subconsciously attaching the meaning of the sign to the truck. The sign is obviously the focal point of the image, but its legitimacy and significance is greatly enhanced by what is beyond it.

19.3.08. Cropped to 3X5, boosted saturation, slightly warmed temperature.

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