beautiful day

This has been a terrible spring so far. It could be simply that it rains every time I have a day off, but I'm pretty sure March came in like a lion, stayed a lion, and then roared into April also as a lion.

Of course I am exaggerating a bit. There has been the odd nice day here and there. Last week I actually saw a couple sitting at a picnic table along Beach Ave with a cooler full of food. There have been more dogs and their owners out and about, and the parking lot at my building is suddenly full of red and white plates, which is a more accurate barometer of seasonal change than the sharp pains in my knee.

I had been saving this picture in the hopes that I could loudly announce the arrival of an Okanagan spring, but I am sick of waiting. I took this picture in the all-too-brief period of warmth we had in early March. At the time, Quebec and the Maritimes were getting pounded with snow, and I found great satisfaction in the ripped sign advertising snow removal. Now I feel like I'm being punished for my smugness.

I suppose I might deserve it.

However, I am going to move forward believing spring is finally on the way. I handed in my final paper this morning, and my first trip of the traveling season is less than 3 weeks away. I am nothing if not optimistic.

5.3.08. Cropped to 3X5.

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