i threw a brick through a window

It is a strange and uncomfortable feeling when you realize everything about you can be labeled. My intentional meandering through the alleys of Kelowna? Not only does it have a proper name (Photowalking), it actually has its own Wikipedia page. Some selected quotes:

"While closely related to Street Photography, photowalking is differentiated by the main impetus being to photograph things of interest rather than people specifically. It is also often done as a method to practice and improve one's own photography skills rather than a with specific focus on documentary photography...Photowalking is also a form of exercise as it can take the photographer over the course of several miles as they wander a particular site or neighborhood."

Although inherently true, this description makes it sound like the latest trend among the Lululemon set, in essence giving photowal...my new past-time the same cachet as scrapbooking or hot yoga. So much for my daring urban excursion.

Fortunately, I can find some some shreds of originality and/or personal growth.

Why do I like this picture? For one, it is quite different from my other pictures thus far. The most obvious difference is that it is shot in
portrait orientation, rather than landscaped. I like to use negative space, and it's a lot harder to do when the frame runs up and down. The picture obviously wouldn't work in landscape, so I was forced to adapt, and ended up with a better result because of it.

I like the idea of a passageway where you can see the end, 'cause I find myself uneasy when I get into something without a clear goal in sight. I like that there are lights stationed along the path. I like that gate has been opened for me. I like that, although the alley is narrow, there is no ceiling. The the floor and walls may be fixed, but the sky really has no limit.

That means a lot to me right now.

8.4.08. Slightly decreased saturation.

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