a different kind of blue

I have cardboard boxes staring at me. I'm quite sure all have experienced (or will experience) the post-moving period where you unpack most of your things, organize your new residence to a reasonable level of functionality, take a deep breath of satisfaction...and shove the remaining boxes into an unused corner where they languish for several months. I've been in this flat since mid-December, fully operational, but I haven't put up all my pictures, found a home for my CD collection, or done any of the other little things that say "I'm finally moved in!" So far, nothing has proven a worthy impetus to actually get it done.

I have a few things up including Audrey, some menu boards from the former employer, and a series of framed artworks made by an old friend. I've still got some ideas that have yet to come to fruition, including a wall of black & white portraits
, but I'm pretty happy with my decorating strategy. Especially for my first try. Eventually I'd like to display some of my own photos, but it's hard to be objective. I don't think I have yet taken a picture that belongs on my wall. At least, I have not yet taken a picture that would match the colour schemes I have going on. This may be a situation where I need to decorate a room based off of a picture, but it would be like building an outfit off of a pair of shoes. Which I have not done. Ever.

Although I love this picture, I can't help but think of it belonging in a guest bathroom. It's kind of cool, something you would notice and admire for a moment, and then promptly forget. It has very rich, deep colours that would match nicely with navy and bright yellow towels. Not to mention it just LOOKS like something you would purchase from Home Outfitters. This urban street scene, complete with cracked and broken signage, is just enough city for a thousand suburban homes.

The problem is, I am becoming a photographer whose work belongs in a guest bathroom. Not exactly what I aspired to be.

I suppose it is a little more versatile than I give it credit for. Because of the dark, rich colours, it makes for a terrific wallpaper on your computer desktop. It's been on mine for months.

17.12.07. Cropped to 3X5.

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