one step closer

I forgot to set my alarm this morning. Wednesday is my day off, so it really wasn't a big deal, except that when I finally woke up I had that lazy, headachey feeling that comes from sleeping in too long. Compounding this was a nagging feeling of guilt brought on by a conversation the night before. The headache was fixed by a haircut and a coffee; the contrition required a pair of Gerbera daisies.

Today was also my designated cleaning day, a task I abhor on my best days. As I savored my lunch, delaying the inevitable, I got the urge to shoot something. Like my new Chucks.

I am a bit of a shoe guy, but not exclusive to one brand or style; rather I keep a close eye out for updated and interesting takes on classics, especially in colours that I don't already have. Chuck Taylors were on my List of Shoes To Purchase One Day, so when I found these on sale (and in red!) I snapped them up right quick. Next on the list: Jack Purcells.

Lately I've been really fixated on colour in my pictures, and I expected to highlight the red of the shoes. I really didn't like the way it turned out at first, so I tried desaturating the picture to get a cooler, weathered look, and I think it works much better.

The view off of my deck isn't very picturesque, but the late afternoon sun does highlight the seams between the blocks in the wall. It makes for a background that is interesting but not overwhelming. And I didn't have to leave the house, saving valuable time that I could invest in scouring my bathtub. Super.

2.4.08. Cropped to 3X5, desaturated colour, slightly warmed temperature.

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