another time, another place

Vancouver is one of my favorite places to visit. I will usually make a point to go 4-5 times a year, whether for shopping, a concert, a hockey game, or just the world's best Chinese food. It's also pretty accessible; from Kelowna, a round trip can be done in a single (albeit long) day by car if need be. Plus, my sister now lives in Tsawwassen if I need a place to stay (or another excuse to go).

And always, the first stop is downtown.

This reduced size doesn't really do the picture justice; it becomes much more dramatic in full pixels. It's a very busy scene, as you would expect on Robson Street, but that busyness is somewhat tempered by the colours: all of the greys and greens create a surprisingly calm scene with little accents of red and yellow to liven it up. I think the reason I like this so much is that it captures exactly what Vancouver feels like: lively and serene all at once.

Vancouver does a very good job of blending nature with city. In this picture you can see a tree standing proudly in the right side of the frame and trees stretching down the block on the left. But my favorite part is the tree reflected in the windshield of the car at the bottom, almost hidden in plain sight.

8.9.07. Cropped to 3X5, slightly increased exposure.

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