bullet the blue sky

I'm currently in a blue phase, although I'm not sure why. Colour theorists say blue is a masculine colour associated with depth, expertise and stability, highly prized by corporate America. It seems strange that I would identify so closely with blue during this whole creative period (corporate America and artists are especially strange bedfellows), but maybe I am subconsciously providing balance to my creative energy.

At any rate, blue has been speaking to me lately.

This is one of my favorite pictures, for a couple reasons. First, I used a new lens, and let's face it, new things are exciting.

I really enjoy this sign and its simplicity, the sharpness of the letters and how it seems legitimately quaint. If there is one thing I cant stand, it is illegitimate quaintness. I also like how the sharpness of the blue, white and black on the sign contrasts to the blue, white and black in the background - the dark tree meandering into the clouded sky sets a nice contrast between the organic and the manufactured.

24.3.08. Cropped to 3X5, slightly boosted saturation.

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