the first one

I'm in the midst of an unusually creative period of my life.

My favorite thing to do on my Wednesdays off is to walk from my condo to Bliss Bakery for lunch. Since moving to Peachland shortly before Christmas, this has become a liturgical part of my week. In the eleven minutes it takes to walk, I will see, without fail, the nuclear Peachland family: a husband, a wife, and their little dog.

I'm still rather new to photography, and shooting in public can be rather nerve-racking. Mostly I'm terrified that I'll take someone's picture who absolutely does not want it taken.

I saw this couple coming from a mile away, and really, really wanted the shot. So I set up, fiddling with the camera, pretending I wasn't interested in them. When they hit the mark, without using the viewfinder, I shot from my knees.

12.3.08. Cropped to 3X5, slightly boosted contrast and saturation.

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