the ocean

I was in Vancouver this past weekend shooting pictures.

(part two of two)

When I wasn't lurking around downtown, The Girl and I hit up some of my favourite spots in and around Van. She came down mostly to visit Lisa, a friend of ours who had broken both legs jumping off of the large white rock in White Rock.

Yep. You heard right.

I dropped The Girl off at Lisa's before going out Friday night, and picked her up again (late) Saturday morning. We met Lisa and a couple other friends and headed back to White Rock for sun, surf, the world's best gelato, and a chance for Lisa to express her feelings towards her assailant.

The next day, after another night of lurking, The Girl and I went to Stanley Park, walked the Sea Wall, lounged on some rocks, and took what I believe to be our very first 'couple' picture. Seriously, I tried to find another one, and I couldn't.

Other highlights of the trip:

- dinner, coffee and plenty of laughs with my sister and brother-in-law
- dinner at the world's greatest Chinese food restaurant with the Dericksons
- finding a linen suit and some sweet new kicks
- pistachio macaroons from a Granville Island bakery
- a dozen Krispy Kreme's for the road
- never once getting lost thanks to Google Maps on my trusty iPhone.

23.05.09. Slightly reduced exposure.
24.05.09. Increased temperature, increased vibrance, reduced saturation.

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