the playboy mansion

Sunday night is Man Night.

It started when some co-workers got together at a gaming center to play COD4 against each other. Word quietly spread both in and out of the company, and a regular group formed. It got to the point where it is just understood that any given Sunday night, you can find a group there.

One recent addition to Man Night is Dice in the Alley*. It began as a diversion while some of the guys had a smoke break, and has now become a regular fixture. We used loonies at first, but decided that American singles looked better, so greenbacks are now required for entry**.

I had finished shooting my first wedding at about 8:30, 11 hours after I started. I still had my gear with me. The alley was buzzing.

These are my bros. This is why I'm always booked on a Sunday night.

*technically a non-banking varient of Cee-Lo.

**if this seems farcical, keep in mind how ridiculous it is for a bunch of white, solidly middle-class tech company employees to be shooting dice in the first place.

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Vee ! said...

I can't believe you guys go out of your way to obtain American singles to play that game.