I was in Vancouver this past weekend shooting pictures.

(part one of two)

My friend Jeremy asked for my help. He is working on a photo project, but his original photographer moved away, so he asked if I'd step in and continue. I said yes...and so off to Vancouver I went.

Without getting into too much detail, the book is a small photo-heavy coffee table book about the aftermath of the Vancouver club and bar scene. So for two nights, we went out to capture all the goings on.

First lesson: if you have a camera, drunk people will ask you to take their picture.

Second lesson: some street musicians are legitimately rock and roll.

Third lesson: if someone is throwing up, their friend will assume the 'supportive friend' pose and put a hand on their back.

Fourth lesson: old friends are sometimes the best friends.

23.05.09. Increased exposure, contrast.
24.05.09. Increased contrast.
24.05.09. Slightly increased exposure.
24.05.09. Increased contrast, vibrancy, slight colour correction.
24.05.09. Increased contrast, vignetting.

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Benjamin said...

nicely done rhys
it was a beautiful morning
quiet in the belly of the beast