sometimes you can't make it on your own

Finally, another project is being realized.

I have little trouble coming up with photo projects. Most of them seem to remain ideas though; rarely do these projects come to fruition.

Lately I've started to actually execute some of my ideas, and the results have been promising. One is a collaboration with photographer friend of mine. Another is a long-awaited photo documentary of a fictitious band.

The idea is this: a series of photos depicts the rise and fall of a band, including various stages of success and documenting the inner workings of a creative entity. The catch is, I will be playing all of the members of the band. This requires a technique known as cloning (which I alluded to in a previous post).

I shot this using a tripod and timer, racing into position after each frame. I then picked my three favourite frames for each "character" and stitched them together in Photoshop.

So this is the first picture in the series, called 'Songwriting'. You can read more about the story behind the band here. I imagine there will be between 5-10 pictures in the series, depending on how the story writes itself.

10.5.09. Three separate frames stitched together in Photoshop CS3.

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