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Things that have happened in the last two weeks:

I (finally!) attended the Beach Blanket Film Festival.
The BBFF is held in Penticton each July, and I always seem to miss it by a week. Fortunately I remembered this year, and made it to the final showing on Sunday night. The evening began at 8PM with live music, which continued until just before the last bit of light slipped behind the mountains. After showing four short films (including a beloved piece of Canadiana), Sarah Polley's Away From Her was presented. While the film is remarkable to begin with, nothing can really compare to seeing it with stars up above and a breeze coming in off of the lake.

I was accepted as a competitor in the Red Bull Soapbox Derby.

The Derickson's did family portraits.
The Derickson's are moving to Vancouver in a few days, so I invited them over for dinner and photos. After "sensuous" cedar planked salmon (caught just days before by my father on his fishing trip), we went down to various spots I had scoped out in Peachland. The light was good, the subjects were relaxed, and the posting of these photographs has prompted another flurry of requests for pictures.

I became the Tour Manager for the biggest band you've never heard of.

The Megan came to visit.
Alana tends to show up in several of my pictures, not only because she is quite photogenic, but also because she isn't afraid of the camera. This is helpful, as I often get tired of just shooting things. Her cousin Megan had seen some of the pics on Facebook, and demanded that we do a photoshoot when she come to visit. And I'm not one to say no to that. I took over a thousand pictures over 3 days, including one of the best pictures I have ever taken.

I became a landowner.

My father turned 50.
To celebrate, my mother planned a shindig and a half: live band, authentic Mexican food catered by my friend Yza, margaritas and Coronas cold as ice, nearly a hundred of my parent's closest friends dispersed comfortably around the house. I spent most of the party fetching supplies that were running low and dodging questions about my love life by the usual suspects. But I got at least three days worth of leftover food, so I consider it a resounding success.

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