Things that will happen in the next two weeks:

I will begin digging the foundation on my new house.

I will travel to LA for business, one year after my last visit. I will fly there on a corporate jet. And I will stay in a Disneyland Hotel.

I will see Ryan Adams open for Oasis, thus doubling my chance to hear 'Wonderwall' played live.

I will choose seven people to work on the team I have been building this summer.

I will decide what courses to take this fall semester.

I will watch as my teammate descends down West 4th Ave in a soapbox designed to look like a flying penguin.

I will be in the lake at least 15% of my waking hours.

I will continue my character studies of Disney princesses, a project that began as a joke but has actually become somewhat serious as time goes on.

I will take thousands for pictures. And I will document them here. Preferably with the same frequency I used to.

24.8.07. Cropped to 3X5.
18.7.08. Cropped to 3X5.

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