Quite a while ago I had a fleeting chance to use a Polaroid camera. I loved it, and commented that I'd love to get my own to play with. The Girl remembered this, and purchased me one for my birthday.

This is possibly the greatest gift I have ever been given; the only gift that comes close would be the Super Nintendo I got for Christmas when I was nine or ten.

It is hilariously fun. Using this somewhat limited format presents new challenges, which is a welcome respite from my summer of wedding madness. I've been pretty deliberate with my frames though. Film is no longer available outside of Ebay, and it works out to about $2.50 per exposure. There's really no room for error. Each time one turns out blurry it hurts a lot more than usual.

The camera whirs and clicks after the shutter is pressed. The picture is spit out the front, and that's it; there's no duplicate copies. You don't get a second try if it doesn't turn out. It's limiting. But it's also tangible.

This camera is both incredibly maddening and wholly exhilarating.


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David said...

These are some really neat pictures Rhys! Even with newer cars and clothing styles in each picture, Polaroid makes each moment seem somehow older and more significant than that of the present. Very cool!