ultraviolet (light my way)

After a whirlwind trip to NYC, I flew on to Los Angeles. JFK to LAX. Just another typical Saturday.

I was sent on to LA/Anaheim with a number of other people from work. Part of the trip was spent in Disneyland doing team-building and brainstorming excercises. We were broken into groups of 3-4 and sent out with a task: to capture on film how families interact in the park.

We were given Polaroid cameras and two packs of film to capture the moments with. My group's camera was straight out of the 70's, so I ended up cruising around Frontierland with a giant box hanging around my neck. It was sweet. So many comments, so many strange looks. Having never used a Polaroid camera before, I was having a blast.

We used 14 exposures during the exercise, which left me 6 to experiment with.

These are the three I liked, but the middle one is my favorite. It's a picture of my laptop, camera and phone - the peak of modern technology captured by the peak of 70's technology. So meta, in a really cheesy way. That pretty much sums me up.

I absolutely fell in love with the Polaroid camera. I enjoyed the challenge of finding the right shot in such a limited format. I'd love to find one of my own, although I better do it soon.

27.10.08. Cropped to 3X5.

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