new york

I spent 39 hours in New York City - not enough time to capture a whole lot.

I saw a good deal of Broadway, from Lincoln Center to Columbus Circle to Times Square, and Central Park West. I saw the original Macy's and Carnegie Hall.

I saw the Boys in Blue, and what had to have been members of the Mob. I often saw them together.

I missed only one stop while navigating the subway.

I spent time with some great friends. I ate at interesting restaurants that did not belong to a major chain. I was harangued by a woman with a Bronx accent about putting her two-year-old into commercials.

I shot almost exclusively in black and white. New York has texture and depth that can't be replicated anywhere else. After seeing it in movies and television, it felt real and tangible while simultaneously surreal.

I spent 39 hours in New York City - just enough to draw me back.

10.23.08. Cropped to 3X5, increased contrast, decreased exposure.
10.24.08. Cropped to 3X5, slightly increased contrast, increased highlights.

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