no line on the horizon

My September thus far has been spent cleaning up after the craziness that was July and August.

Weddings, engagements, concerts, families, blogs, visitors...oh yeah, and my day job...made the summer go by ridiculously fast. I shot a ton this summer, and as I edit the thousands of pictures taken, I'm a little bit surprised to find that my style is changing rapidly.

It has become visibly different.

My composition has definitely matured as I better understand the mechanics of my camera. I'm more confident in my abilities to capture a moment, so I take 6 frames instead of 20. But my processing methods have changed fairly dramatically, and I really like they way it is going.

Through trial and error, I've developed a processing method that gives my pictures a modified sepia/antiqued look. Whites lose their glare as they become ivory. Skin begins to luminesce. Bright colours are still eye-catching, but no longer distract like they do in highly saturated pictures.

I used to hate shooting outdoors in "natural" settings. I always found the brown and green mountains to muddy up my bright, vivid pictures. Now, I've come to appreciate the subtle backdrop they create.

Paradoxically, it feels like a more accurate representation of a specific moment in time. It's not just a snapshot; no, it has become permanent record of what was.

There's a warmth to my pictures now. They invite you into the moment they are recording.

That, for me, is the key. As I flip through picture after picture after picture, I am unconsciously looking to be drawn into that moment. If I don't feel it, it won't make the cut. This new method has saved many a photograph from that unapologetic fate.

15.8.09. Temperature adjusted, increased vibrance, decreased saturation.
14.7.09. Temperature adjusted, increased vibrance, decreased saturation, increased clarity.
9.7.09. Color adjusted, increased vibrance, decreased saturation, increased contrast.
14.8.09. Blues removed, increased vibrance, decreased saturation, increased contrast.

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