when love comes to town

Wedding season has arrived in the Okanagan.

First up, my friends Matt and Sue. Since The Girl was in the wedding party, I was designated as wedding escort for two of her friends attending: Lise, coming in from Calgary, and Rachel, whose husband was out of town for the weekend.

After a fine ceremony, the girls and I ended up with nearly four hours to kill. Two pretty girls, one up-and-coming photographer...what else were we supposed to do?

I've shot this wall before, and I'd wanted to come back and shoot people in front of it. This seemed like the perfect opportunity; I was going for a cool contrast between glamorous subjects and a gritty location, and this wall provided the perfect backdrop. The fact that the colours in Lise's dress match up perfectly with the graffiti was just a crazy coincidence.

I haven't done too many photoshoots like this, but Rachel was hilarious, suggesting all sorts of crazy poses. Jumps, kicks, faux-gangster poses...all her ideas.

Sometimes the subject makes all the difference.

28.3.09. Slightly increased contrast, clarity and saturation.
28.3.09. Slightly increased contrast, exposure.

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