Awoke at 7:05 to a dog sniffing my face.

Not a usual occurrence, but I'm house/dog sitting for my parents this week. Roxy is used to getting her breakfast at 6, and her stomach decided it was time I got up.

The sun was beaming, Spring finally deciding to make herself known. After a solid half day at the office, I joined my brother and neighbour in landscaping the strip between our houses, transforming it from a muddy slope into a usable walkway; no longer will I ruin a pair of shoes simply by exiting my house.

While sweating and shoveling, I got a text from The Girl:

"What best describes me?

Not the first time I've gotten a text like this from her. She's doing a quiz, and wants my input (even though she almost never uses the attribute I chose). I reply "Graceful"


"Shut up"


I was serious though. Grace is one of those characteristics that seems rare today. It's one of the reasons Audrey Hepburn continues to enthrall me; whether in Roman Holiday, Sabrina, or My Fair Lady, she epitomizes grace. Poise. A sense of worth, satisfaction, comfort in and knowledge of who she is.


Sitting in a cafe after church. It's that time of year where her schedule is filled up with various bridesmaid-related duties, mid-terms and lab reports, while mine is packed with work and an ever-expanding library of yet-to-be-realized photography projects, not to mention this oft-ignored blog.

So we sit, her with her books and highlighters, me with my camera and computer.

Old men find themselves drawn to her. It's hilarious to witness as these silver-haired gentlemen approach and comment on her books, her hair, how she appears so much smarter than the guy sitting opposite her. She flashes her smile, chats with them, laughs at their clumsy (albeit well intentioned) jokes, and leaves them feeling like they've still got It.

Sweet is endearing, Happy is enlivening, Funny is desirable and Sexy is alluring, but I'll take Graceful any day of the week.

22.3.09. Slightly increased contrast.


claire said...

Grace is love that cares and stoops and rescues. -John R. W. Stott

Lisa said...

i looooove this Rhys!! nicely done! Alana is amazing eh!