elvis presley and america

I became a photographer by accident.

Before last summer, I had never actually owned a real camera. I liked the idea of photography, but like anything else, it requires a certain amount of capital to get started. When the employer announced that they were sending the entire staff down to Los Angeles, I knew this was my excuse.

With this motivation I bought a Canon Rebel XTi with an EF-S 18-55mm, the most efficient entry into the quasi-professional photography game. Imagine passing your roadtest and immediately purchasing a Volkswagen GTI; you'll initially be a bit overwhelmed, but will quickly discover what driving should feel like.

Purchasing the camera before going on a trip was the best idea I ever had. Not only was I motivated to capture the trip itself, I wanted to learn everything my new toy could do. After a few days of learning the ropes, I found the sweet spot the night we walked along Hollywood Boulevard.

What I find remarkable about this picture is how well it was composed without me consciously doing so (I certainly didn't know what I was doing). It's asymmetrical and balanced all at once, the colours are rich, the subjects are all looking in different directions, it's nicely framed by the palm tree on one side and the pillar on the other. I couldn't have posed this picture if I tried.

I count myself lucky that I was able to capture this moment as well as I did. And it gave me the confidence that yes, I had the skills to do this.

This was really the beginning.

24.8.07. No alterations.

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