pride (in the name of love)

I went a little crazy today.

With my B&W Portrait project well under way, there are a couple of photography projects I have been looking forward to starting. Both necessitate the use of a tripod, so I set out to purchase one. A new photography store opened up in Westbank recently, and I like to support my local shop.

Except it turns out they are going out of business. The place was just about picked clean from their blowout sale and the last tripod they had in stock was walking out the door.

I should have left right then.

Instead, I got distracted by the lens case. By the 17-55 f/2.8 staring at me like the puppy in the pet store window. At 30% off.

I ended up finding a tripod at London Drugs. And I picked up Photoshop CS3 from a friend, which means I have all that I needed to begin my new projects: cloning (which will come a little bit later) and self-portraits.

I wanted my first attempt at a self portrait to be meaningful and nuanced or, at the very least, make me look cool. I've been inspired by the snapshot aesthetic lately, a movement that has led to the sort of photography you see in ads for hipster-chic brands like Converse and American Apparel. This was shot in my bedroom with the light from my open windows and the camera's built-in flash. The umbrella is the one I searched for in Toronto, and the zip-up is from To Write Love On Her Arms.

The sweater is one of my favorites. I wore it a lot during my trip, and I have never owned a piece of clothing that has elicited as many remarks as this sweater has. I was constantly stopped by strangers who complimented me on it. By clerks, by baristas, by homeless guys, by a dude in a two thousand dollar suit. All because of the word printed on the front.

I have enough self-awareness to know I am no authority on love, so I won't try and impress you with some pithy aphorism. But I do know the word is powerful enough that strangers will approach others in the street. What other word could trigger that?

Incidentally, I now won't be able to afford food for the next few months. If you feel like showing a little love, why not invite me over for dinner? I could take amazing pictures of you.

8.5.08. Cropped to 3X5, reduced lowlights, slight colour adjustment.

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